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Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly with Regular Oil Changes at DELLA Subaru

When the time comes for your car's next routine oil change, you can count on the team at DELLA Subaru to help you with all your oil change needs. Our Subaru service experts have all the skills and tools needed to get your car running smoothly and back on the road again in no time. So, if your Subaru is due for an oil change, we can get you in and out fast so that you can hit the road again with confidence.

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Why Oil Changes Are Important

Oil's primary purpose is to keep your vehicle's fast-moving engine parts lubricated so that they generate less friction and heat. Better lubrication leads to more efficient engine performance, and it helps to reduce wear and tear on your engine. In other words, oil can help to improve fuel economy and overall vehicle longevity.

But why do you need to change your oil regularly? It all boils down to the fact that oil doesn't last forever. Oil degrades over time, eventually turning into a sludgy substance that is far less effective than fresh oil. Oil can also grow contaminated with dirt and the tiny metal particles that break off your engine's parts. Leaving oil unchanged can have a wide range of adverse effects on your car, so it's best to stay on top of regular oil changes.

How to Tell When Your Car Needs an Oil Change

The most obvious indicator is an illuminated dashboard warning light that urges you to change your oil. You might notice other warning signs like an illuminated check engine light, a burning oil smell in your car, excessive engine noise, smoky exhaust, and more. If you notice any of these symptoms, your car is likely overdue for an oil change.

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